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We have been helping in the success of companies of all sizes, working with all levels.

Assistance to the business owner 
Medium size service provider
Needs formalisation, organisation proposal, operational processes design, specification of the information system, business dashboard creation.
Several small/medium size companies
Needs formalisation, solution proposal (organisation, tools, deployment), change management, dashboard creation.
Rail transport company
Needs formalisation, functional specification, call for tenders, help in selecting suppliers (embedded applications).
Public transport association
Definition and launch of a ticketless system project. Management of the implementation, deployment and evaluation of the pilot project.
Public utility
Developement of strategies for production systems renovation.
Developement of strategies for production systems improvement, including durability and long-term sustainability.

Techno-economical studies
Digital audio products provider
Study of a digital technology for transmitting high quality sound across large buildings. This study was the starting point of a new product line widely used today.
Fuel distribution company
Study of a data acquisition solution, embedded in delivery trucks.

Technical consultations
Car manufacturer
Architecture study of embedded systems in cars (vehicle area network, GPS system, driving assistance software).
Public transport
Design and deployment of a multimedia infrastructure network along a tramway line.
Industry, transport, energy
Audit of systems, proposal of architectural updating and upgrading, support to the migration process.
Assistance to Product Management (medical devices manufacturer).
Reverse engineering before system renovation.
Assistance to Product Development and Hardware-Software integration (embedded systems manufacturers).

System integration
Steel company
Design, realisation and deployment of the industrial network, linking the industrial equipment and mobile devices (wireless solution).
Dozens of customers (industry, building and transport sectors)
Assistance in the design and realisation of the real-time data exchange systems (industrial data and survey data).

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